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Sunday, March 04, 2007

EAP2 writer's Workshop assignments


Have you ever taken TOEFL? It is a kind of English test, and it has three sections, listening, structure, and reading. People can know about their English skills when they take TOEFL. Also, international students have to take TOEFL in order to enter university in United States. However, TOEFL should not be used to decide if non-native students can be accepted to an American university because of three reasons: it takes long time, scores go up and down too much, and it is not like university work.

First, TOEFL takes very long time. It takes almost three hours every time. TOEFL always makes students very tired during TOEFL, and they cannot keep concentrate until finishing TOEFL. Also, students cannot do anything during TOEFL, for example, eating, talking with my friends, listening to music, and sleeping (Actually students can sleep during TOEFL, but it has a lot of questions. Thus, they cannot sleep in order to answer all questions exactly.) Therefore, TOEFL is bad judgment about students’ English skills.

Second, TOEFL scores go up and down too much every time because its score depends on student’s condition. If the student has bad condition, for example, stomachache, headache, or some bad condition about health, the student cannot get good score. Thus, the student gets bad score. Also, tests are not always same. Tests are sometimes easy, but sometimes these are hard, for example, articles in reading section are sometimes easy story like about animals, but the articles sometimes give very technical such as history. Therefore, students cannot get same average of TOEFL scores.

Finally, TOEFL is not like university work. It does not have writing and speaking. In university, students have to write research papers, and they always discuss in class for example, they discuss about their texts, and their opinion. Thus, writing and speaking are very necessary to students. In addition, TOEFL does not have presentations. Presentations are very important for students because students must give presentations each class. Since these works are not contained in TOEFL, it should not be use.

However, my opponents say that TOEFL is good way to use to decide and judge if students enter university in United States. Universities in United States are easy to know international students’ English skills exactly. Also, TOEFL has very important sections, for example, listening, grammar, and reading. These sections are very necessary to learn at universities in United States. Thus, the universities should use TOEFL in order to judge.

In conclusion, TOEFL is not good measure to use to decide if international students can enter university in United States because it does not take short time, and students who take TOEFL cannot keep high scores. Also, TOEFL is not similar to university projects. Universities in United States should not use TOEFL when they want to know about international students’ English skills. However, if it had three good things: shorter time than three hours, conversations, and writing, it could help international students very much. It would be good way to international students and university in United States in order to know the skills clearly and exactly.

Argument Essay
benefits of child seat

Have you ever ridden a car with a child under 6 years old? If you have ridden with the child, you have probably seen a child seat. It is a car seat for a child, and parents who have a child have to use it when they ride a car with their children because the rule provides that parents who have less than 6 years old children must use child seats. Also, it is children’s seat belts, so children cannot use normal seat belt when they sit child seats. Child seat has three necessary things for children: safer than normal seat belts if a car crashes, safe for drivers, and having good health for children.

First, child seats are very safe for children. Stephenson (2005) explains “”Injuries and deaths are reduced 75 per cent when a child car seat is used and installed properly,” says….” The seats can absorb shock when a car crashes or brakes hard. Therefore, if children do not use child seats, mortality rate for children serious injury by traffic accidents raises more than the case that child use child seats. Therefore, the seats are very important to preserve children.

Second, one of the reasons why children must use child seats is because drivers always are able to drive safety. Children do not like boredom, but riding in a car is very boring thing because the things that children can do is limited, for example, children can only talk, sing songs, and sleep in a car. They cannot move out a car, so they may struggle, or move in the car while riding the car. Thus, drivers may get annoyed, stressed, tired, or have bad concentrated. Then, they cannot drive safe. For example, drivers overlook signals, not drive straight, and doze off during driving. If they do that, they get bad happening like crashing. Thus, child seats are very important to having good driving for drivers.

Finally, parents can keep their children’s good health when they use child seats. Normal seat belts are not good for children because these belts do not work exactly when children use these belts. These belts are made for adults, so children cannot be held exactly by normal seat belts. If children use these belts, they may get serious problems like difficulty breathing because the seat belt is very tight, and the belts press children’s lung. Also, normal seats belts choke children’s neck. Thus, children do not feel comfortable, and they may take off the belts. However, Child seats are made to be comfortable for children because the seats fit children’s bodies. In “Countdown to New Child Car Seat Laws” the author says “Most people do use some kind of child restraint but it is very important to use the right one for the size of the child and to take the time to fit it properly; and not to use an adult belt before the child is big enough” (2006). Therefore, children use child seats in order to have comfortable and good health.

However, my opponent says that new child seats are expensive. If parents have many children who are under 6 years old, they spend a lot of money in order to use child seats all of their children. However, children may get serious injury, if they do not use the seats while car crash. After that, parents have to pay a lot of money in order to treat their children’s injury. In addition, parents get sadness and other bad feeling, for example, they accuse themselves for being careless. Buying child seats are cheaper than getting injury. In addition, they do not get sadness. Parents should buy child seats.

In conclusion, child seats are very necessary for children because child seats can be secure children, and drivers are able to drive securely. Also, child seats make children comfortable. Children cannot protect themselves because they do not know how to protect themselves because they also do not know what happened to them when a car crash. Thus, parents should protect their children. Child seats certainly help and protect children from danger. Therefore, parents should use child seats.

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Stephenson, S. (2005, February 18). Child car safety seats checked. Sarnia Observer. Retrieved February 1, 2007, from Lexis Nexis.

Research Paper
Let us use hybrid cars!

Have you ever seen or heard about hybrid cars? Today, there are many hybrid cars especially in Japan. Also, according to White (2005), “About 15 celebrities including… are all pulling up to the red carpet in hybrid cars” (para. 2). They suggest that people should use hybrid cars, and people who like the celebrities want to have same cars. Also, when they drive and ride hybrid cars, the cars can become famous because the cars are reported on news, on internet, and in magazines. Actually, a hybrid car is very good for people and environment, so the cars should be alternative resources because of four reasons: hybrid can protect environment, conserve fossil fuels, have good privilege, and save money.

The definition of a hybrid car is the car that uses electric and gasoline in order to move. A hybrid car has two engines. One is a gasoline engine, and the other is an electric engine. Electric engine can do same work as gasoline engine. The electric engine work when the car stop and start by signal or other situation like parking. Then, the engine does not emit completely bad gas. Groff (2006) explains “In 1997, when Toyota introduced the Prius, the first hybrid car” (para. 1). After Toyota announced and showed about the hybrid cars, other automobile companies like Honda also start to produce hybrid cars. Today, there are proponents and opponents of hybrid cars. Proponents that are like government and automobile companies say people should have and use hybrid cars, and the cars should be alternative resources because the cars give good quality for people and environment. However, opponents such as customers and oil companies think people should not have and use hybrid cars yet because the cars still have some problems like expensiveness. However, the advantages of hybrid cars are greater than disadvantages of hybrid cars.

First, hybrid cars can protect environment. There are a lot of cars in the world now, and many people use gasoline cars. Gasoline cars produce much exhaust gas because the cars use gasoline engines. Exhaust gas is very bad for people and environment. According to Bluejay (1999) “In fact, they [cars] emit a lot of it [carbon dioxide]: 20 pounds per gallon of gas burned” (para. 12). If people continue to use normal cars, exhaust gas will continues to increase. As a result, environment and people may get serious problems such as global warming. In addition, exhaust gas is related other problems like acid rain. These problems are very deep problems in the world. However, when people use hybrid cars, they can decrease exhaust gas because the cars have electric engines. According to Dunn (2006), “A hybrid cuts emissions by 25% to 35% over even the most fuel efficient gas powered models” (para.19). Therefore, hybrid cars use electric engines and gasoline engines alternately. When a hybrid driver stop by signal and start, the car changes using from electric engine to gasoline engine. Idling creates the most exhaust gas on gasoline cars. Thus, when people drive hybrid cars, they do not emit gas even idling. Then, people who drive hybrid cars can keep good environment, and not pollute air.

Second, hybrid cars can conserve fossil fuels. Today, people use a lot of gasoline and other oils in order to drive cars and vehicles. There are a lot of fossil fuels now, so they can use the fuels as much as possible. However, fossil fuels are limited. If people continue to use a lot of fossil fuels, the time will come when people will have used up all fossil fuels. After they use up these fuels, they will lose many things such as using vehicles. It will be the most serious problem in the world. Therefore, actually, people should think about using fossil fuels seriously. Hence, they should change from using normal cars to hybrid cars. Hybrid cars will be good alternative resources because the cars have electric engines and gasoline engines, so they need less amount of gasoline than normal cars. If many people can change to have hybrid cars, they can keep a large quantity of fossil fuels during developing good alternative resources like hybrid cars.

Third, government decides some good rules for drivers who have and use hybrid cars in the United States. The United States has carpool lanes such as on freeways. The vehicles like cars and buses that have two or more passengers can be driven on the lanes. However, Leonhardt (2006), explains “Prius [that are one of famous hybrid cars] drivers can use a carpool lane in some places even when no one else in the car” (para. 2). Thus, hybrid drivers can arrive to destinations earlier. Also, Groff (2006), explains “Some parking lots offer premium spaces to hybrid drivers” (para. 3). It is one of good rules for hybrid drivers. Parking spaces are confined especially in cities. People who drive cars have difficulty to find empty parking spaces. The rules can help hybrid car drivers because they can find parking spaces easier than gasoline car drivers when both drivers search parking spaces, and hybrid drivers can spend time usefully. People should use hybrid cars in order to spend useful times, and get good rules.

However, hybrid cars are more expensive than normal cars. Groff (2006), argues “Hybrid cars, which cost between $3,000 and $6,000 more than regular cars…” (para. 2). Therefore, people who want to buy new or used cars are unwilling to buy hybrid cars. In addition, people think that they can save money if they buy normal cars. Thus, people who want to buy cars think gasoline cars are better than hybrid cars. However, actually people can save money if they have and use hybrid cars. Using a car needs much gasoline or oil, but these oils are not cheap. Thus, when people continue to use the oil, they spend a lot of money. For example, price of gasoline is two dollars and forty cents now. Therefore, if people have big cars such as trucks, they have to spend a lot of money in order to get enough gasoline because big cars need a lot of gasoline, for instance, a truck has big tank that has a fifty gallon capacity, so people who has the truck need to get gasoline almost fifty gallon. Thus, they should use hybrid cars because the cars are fuel-efficient cars. The car has electric engines. It does not need to have gasoline, and it can work many times like when stopping and starting. Thus, hybrid cars can reduce using of gasoline and other oil. Consequently, they should buy hybrid cars because Speer (2006) argues “The Prius qualifies for one of the largest tax credits, around $3150” (para. 5). People do not worry about car taxes if they have hybrid car, and they can use money effectively. As a result, hybrid cars give good way to save money.

In conclusion, hybrid cars are good for people and environment. Thus, hybrid cars should be alternative resources because the cars can decrease air pollution and other problems like global warming, and the cars can reduce using of fossil fuels. Also, government gives some good rules such as can using carpool lanes for hybrid drivers. In addition, hybrid drivers can save money namely tax credit. Hybrid cars still continue to develop nowadays. If automobile companies can create the best hybrid cars, people will want to buy them. However, people should think more about environment. They have to preserve good condition of the earth and enough fossil fuels for the future. One of good things that can keep clean environment and enough fossil fuels is hybrid cars because hybrid cars are very good alternative resources. Therefore, people should use hybrid cars as alternative resources. After the cars become the resources, they will give good things like clean air. Then, environment will be continued clean, and people will get healthy.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

writer's Workshop assignments

Argument Essay

Have you ever heard the word marijuana? It is well-known drug, and smoking marijuana is illegal in the US. However, there is much marijuana in the world today because many people smoke and have it. On the other hand, many people think it is very bad for people. Marijuana is very bad for people and it should be illegal in the world because of three things: it gives bad health, it affects people’s blains, and children cannot control themselves.

First, marijuana links bad health. It is a strong possibility that people who smoke marijuana have a lung problem. People who smoke cigarettes may get lung problems. Cigarettes influence people’s lungs. Also, cigarettes give bad habits that who cannot quit cigarettes easily and have a dependence on cigarettes. Thus, people who smoke cigarettes can get lung problem easier than people who do not smoke cigarettes. Marijuana has same influences as cigarettes. Paczkowska (2006) mentions “Another interesting fact, reported in this newspaper in Dr. Robert Wallance’s “Tween 12 and 20” column, is that one marijuana cigarette….” This means that people who smoke cigarettes and marijuana get lung problems by smoking a lot of cigarettes and marijuana. Therefore, if you smoke marijuana, you may get a serious lung problem.

Second, marijuana affects people’s brains. Marijuana has many ingredients. One of the ingredients is kind of hallucinogen (Paczkowska, 2006). It influences on brains that are part of memorizing, so you might have a memory disorder. Paczkowska (2006) says, “Researchers have found that THC changes the way in which sensory information gets into and is acted upon by the hippocampus, the component of the brain's limbic system that is crucial for learning, memory and….” It means the element of the marijuana (hippocampus) influences the brain. You may be able to create to memorize problems, when you smoke marijuana. Therefore, your learning behavior becomes bad.

Finally, children cannot control using marijuana themselves. If it is legal, even children can get it easily. Child's body is still undeveloped, so their bodies might not develop normally if they smoke marijuana. Also, children are interested for everything, so they cannot control their mind themselves, for example, they cannot stop quickly if they start smoking marijuana. Thus, their parents should control their children. According to Paczkowska (2006), “When parents hear the word marijuana they immediately yell “Don’t do drugs!” and change the subject.” Parents think they do not want their children to use marijuana in order to keep good health. Thus, parents say “do not use drugs” like the article. Therefore, marijuana should be illegal for children.

In conclusion, marijuana has bad things such as giving bad health, effective brains, and giving bad cause for children. It does not give good things like having good condition. Also, a person probably cannot quit smoking it if the person smokes a lot of marijuana. Are there any benefits when you smoke marijuana? It may not give any benefits. Therefore, it should be made illegal. It is the good way for people that get good health and live without illness.

Paczkowska, M. (2006, March 23). Should marijuana be legal? Herald News. Retrieved November 13, 2006, from Lexis Nexis.

Summary Response

In the article, “Australia Says it May be Short of Support for Continued Whaling Moratorium”, the author says Australia does not allow whaling, especially whaling by Japan, so the country campaigns in order to protect whales from people who hunt whales. However, Japan wants to research about whales, so Japan kills a lot of whales every year. Also, Japan and other countries that think like Japan kill many ocean species every year. United States has same idea as Australia that too much whaling is bad, and Japan and the other countries should stop research of whales. Now, a meeting that is about prohibited whaling and whaling research is being held. If the idea is passed, Australia can restrict whaling and hunting other ocean species. I agree with those who think that Australia should not allow whaling because of three things: there are not many whales in the world, ocean mammalian species have decreased, and Australia may lose their business.

First, there are not many whales today. However, the biology of whales is not unknown. Thus, Japan and other countries (those are like Japan) want to research and want well known about whales. Other countries probably want to know it, but Japan and the other countries may wipe whales off the face of the earth if they continue the research from now onward because they kill too many whales (about more than 100 whales) each year. Thus, Australia is afraid of disappearing all whales.

Second, there are many ocean mammal species in the world. However, Japanese hunters who hunt whales already kill many these species (about more than 500). Therefore, other countries worry about extinction the species because if the species go extinct, ecosystem in ocean will be broken. It will be very serious problem when the problem occurs. For example, they always eat fish, but there are too many fish if they go extinct.

Finally, Australia has many popular attractions. One of the attractions is whale watching. Many foreign people visit Australia, and they are certainly looking forward to watching whales. Thus, Australia can get much money from the attraction. However, Japan and other countries (like Japan) hunt many whales. Therefore, they are capable of hunting all whales in the near future because they have continued to hunt whales for a long time. If all whales disappear in the world, Australia loses the business (whale watching). Thus, they should not allow whaling.

In conclusion, whales and ocean mammal species should be protected because there are not many whales and the species in the world. Also, many whalers kill the many species. In addition, it is possible that Australia lose one of their popular attractions. If protected the species (include whales) cannot be execute every country, many species that are mammals may die. I am Japanese, but I cannot agree with Japan because whaling and hunting the many species are bad for animals that live in ocean. Therefore, I do not think Japan should research about whales because Japan has to kill many whales in order to continue research. Japan should not kill many whales and the species. Japan and other countries like Japan should think whaling is good for whales, and whaling actually is necessary for whales. If they think seriously about these things, whaling problem will surely improve.

Mcguirk, R. (2005, June 9). Australia says it may be short of support for continued whaling moratorium. Associated Press Writer. Retrieved December 6, 2006, from Lexis Nexis.

Research paper
Whales are our friends

Today, whaling is a very serious problem in Australia. Whaling is when hunters kill whales for their business or research about whales in Japan. Hunters have hunted whales for a long time. There were many kinds of whales in the past. However, whales are decreased gradually nowadays. The problem is that Japan continues whaling through whales have decreased in order to sell whale meat and research about whales. Mcguik (2005) mentions “Japan began killing whales for what it describes as research in 1987….” Also, there are pro-whaling and anti-whaling in the world. Pro-whaling means people or countries that hunt whales and admit hunting whales. Anti-whaling means people or countries that do not allow killing or hunting whales. Now, they are quarrel about the whale fishing problem because Japan (pro-whaling) does too much whaling every year, but Australia (anti-whaling) thinks that it is bad for whales, and Australia want Japan to stop whaling. In addition, whales watching are very popular attractions for tourists in Australia. Thus, these problems occur. There are 4 things that need to be done to solve the whaling problem in Australia: government need to make a law about whaling, pro- and anti-whaling need to make an agreement, people should protect threatened whales, and Japan should do efficient research.

First, government should make a law about whaling. Anti-whaling says that pro-whaling should not do too much whaling, but pro-whaling does not listen about it. Thus, they are fighting about whaling. They cannot solve this problem themselves. However, government already decided a law about whaling, but pro-whaling countries do not stop it. According to Mcguik (2005), “The commission banned commercial whaling in 1986, but countries such as Japan and Norway still catch hundreds of whales each year and….” Thus, Government should decide another law, for example, people who hunt whales can only a few whales every year. Also, government should decide the place that people can hunt whales. However, Mcguik (2005) mentions that they have to get in the approval of the members (para. 16). If the law is executed, whales can be protected. Also, pro-whaling group have to obey the law. Thus, anti-whaling group can protect whales, and the whaling problem may be solved.

Second, there are pro- and anti-whaling groups in the world; however, they are at each other’s throat because pro-whaling interferes with anti-whaling’s business. Thus, they need to make agreement. For example, Australia (anti-whaling) has popular attraction. It is whale watching. According to the article “Threat to Humpback Fuels Australian Anger over Japanese Whaling” (2006), the author says Australian economy earns about 300 million dollars because many tourists visit Australia. Also, the article “Japan ‘Planning’ Humpback Hunt” mentions that “Should Japan go ahead and start hunting humpback and mink whales for the purpose of scientific research it may have an impact on Australia’s $273 million whale watching industry.” Whale watching is one of a valuable income sources for Australia. Thus, it is very necessary for Australia. However, pro-whaling group kill many whales every year, so Australia is worry about Australia may lose the popular attraction if pro-whaling continue to kill many whales. On the other hand, anti-whaling also interferes with pro-whaling’s business. For example, the reason why they do whaling is because they do business by whale meats. After they hunt whales, they sell whale meat to many counties such as Japan. Also, they want to know about whales’ behavior. Therefore, they hunt many whales for these reasons. However, anti-whaling group says pro-whaling group’s whaling (especially Japan) should be stopped, so they worry about their business. These are the ways they interfere with each other. Thus, they should make an agreement, for example, pro-whaling group have to tell result of their research every time. Therefore, they do not worry about their business. In addition, they may be able to have good relationship.

Third, people should protect whales. There were many kinds of whales and a lot of numbers of whales in the past. Thus, people could hunt many whales, and they had to hunt whales because whales eat a lot of fish when there are too many whales. After that, many kinds of fish are decreased. It means that ocean’s ecosystem is broken. Therefore, people were able to hunt many whales and to eat mach meat of whales. Unfortunately, there are not many kinds of whales now. Although they hunt whales, yet they keep hunting whales. The number of whales has not decreased naturally. Thus, whales cannot increase their numbers themselves. According to the article “Japan ‘Planning’ Humpback Hunt” (2005), “we will continue to argue that in the interests of the world’s biodiversity, in the interests of humanity, that saving these highly endangered species – species that came close to the verge of extinction because of hunting and slaughtering them – need to be achieved for the conservation reasons alone.” Therefore, people should take a hard look at the fact (that whales are decreased). Then, people should help whales. For example, they need to help increasing whales by making whales’ area, and they should protect the whales that are surviving now. Especially, people should protect some kinds of whales that are in danger of extinction. According to Mcguik (2005), “Cambell has been leading an Australian push to block a resumption of commercial whaling, and wants to tern the IWC into a conservation organization with the establishment of a Southern Ocean whale sanctuary.” The article says that people should protect whales and make whale holy place. After this idea will be realized, whales are not decreased even if people cannot increase a number of whales. It is a one solution to whaling problem.

Finally, Japan should do efficient research. Japan has researched on whales for a long time. Japan does whaling and kills many kinds of whales. However, anti-whaling group do not allow this doing because their results hardly show anything. Anti-whaling thinks that it is useless bloodshed, and many kinds of whales will disappear in the world if Japan continues research in the future. However, this research is actually needed by people and whales because this research may help to extinction of whales. Also, a present number of whales might be able to be shown by the research. According to Mcilveen (2005), “the “scientific data” shows there are only 4000 humpbacks left in the world….”If anti-whaling forces can see the usefulness of research whaling, Japan can continue whaling. On the other hand, Japan should refrain from useless bloodshed because the number of whales is limited. In other words, whales don't exist in infinity. Thus, whale might be exterminated if Japan kills a lot of whales for research. Japan should think about numbers of whales. The research is for whales, so Japan must not forget this reason, and should continue the research without killing many whales.

In conclusion, there are four ideas that need to be done to solve the whaling problem: government needs to make law, two different groups about whaling ought to make an agreement, people need to protect whales, and Japan should do efficient research. Whaling is serious problem for people and whales, but it cannot be stopped soon because their businesses are related. Thus, each group discusses and tries to solve the problem. If the ideas are realized, whaling will certainly change well for people and whales in the future. It is good relationship between people and whales. Also, two different groups do not fight any more.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Have you ever taken TOEFL? If you have taken TOEFL, what do you think about TOEFL? I take TOEFL every term, so I do not like TOEFL. If possible, I do not want to take TOEFL. However, TOEFL is very necessary to international students, so I am annoyed by it for three reasons: vocabulary, the number of questions, and the importance.

First, TOEFL has a lot of vocabulary. I think reading section of TOEFL is too technical for me, for example, science, and biology. Therefore, I study vocabulary a lot before TOEFL. Also, I have to look and search for vocabulary in the dictionary. It makes me crazy and annoyed.

Second, I have to answer many questions during TOEFL. It takes a lot of time to answer questions. I cannot keep concentrating till the last because I can keep concentrating only 20 minutes, but TOEFL time is over 3 hours. Thus, I feel passed a month. However, I want to get high score, so I must concentrate. Therefore, I am irritated by TOEFL.

Finally, TOEFL is very important for international students in order to enter universities or colleges at US. They need to over the score of 500. When I take TOEFL, I think I must get good score. Also, I am afraid of getting bad score. I think like that every time. Therefore, I get stress by TOEFL.

In conclusion, the reason why I do not like TOEFL is because TOEFL has difficult vocabulary, a lot of questions, and importance. TOEFL is very difficult for me, but I need to get high score in order to enter SIUC. Therefore, I have to study hard and have luck. Then, I will certainly get high score. In addition, I will be not annoyed by TOEFL. Thus, I hope I get high score

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